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Calculate the length of your script before you shoot your video using this script timer.

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3 minutes 12 seconds

If you estimate 3 words per second on an average

Craft compelling videos with our Script Timer

Video Script Timer, also known as Words Timer lets you discover the ideal length of your script for creating compelling videos/voiceovers. Paste your script inside our Words Timer and adjust the reading speed, to estimate the length of your content. Stop guessing and start making great videos! Determine the type of video you want to create to keep your viewers glued to the screen. Got a lengthy script? We have got you covered - check out our words-to-time calculator.

Practice your lines with our teleprompter

Now that you know the duration of your video, how about a little practice session? Go ahead and record your first video with our teleprompter feature, so you can get a hang of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, we base it on the reading speed you choose, so you can get a rough idea of how long your video will be once recorded.

Snail pace - 1 word per second.

Moderate pace - 3 words per second.

Fast pace - 5 word per second.

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